Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Looking Back ...

Over the past year we have been steadily improving quality and have DOUBLED our sales by November. It's been so busy but I've finally been able to sit down and take a deep breath. Looking around I can see how wonderful being this busy has been. I've answered so many questions and concerns for people, simply talked to past customers who have just wanted to catch up, added new and exciting products to our catalog and have been updating and revamping our site like crazy with the addition of Wendy, our IT/Website/Phone girl.

Through it all our customer service has only improved with Kathy now helping out as well taking care of phones and orders and sending out the many free catalogs requested throughout the week. We've been making it easier and faster to ensure quality and get to know our customers as people. I am grateful for everything that we have been blessed with in this past year. We have had hard times in the past which makes this all the more sweeter.  So yes, I am grateful for the hard times. I look forward to this coming year with happiness and hope in my heart and a grateful soul. I am truly blessed.

Thank you for not only being our customers, but being our friends. (c: