Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heirloom Quality: Real American products.

When you think of the words "American Made" you think about quality construction. Things that are made to last. Tough and hearty is the American tradition. We are independent and strong, made to weather any storm that comes our way. Americans are simply survivors. We know who we are and we make no apologies, we stick to our guns and our principles.  Our country grew out of a small group of radicals and rebels that wanted freedom. Intellectuals that understood even if the cost was high Freedom would be the American way, and it would be strong and lasting. "American" always stood for quality, durability and resilience. What happened?

We want something that our grandchildren can use with pride. We don't want to pay for it. Slowly but surely over the years Americans have forgotten that durability costs a little more upfront but lasts much much longer than it's counter part, cheap. When you want heirloom quality you will not be getting it from China or a third world country where they only pay the children 20 cents a day to make your shoes, shirts, and soccer balls. Buying American made products not only support real Americans, but they support YOU and your children and your children's children. Not to mention, if you don't have to replace it frequently you SAVE money!

When Randy built the GrainMaker in 1999 for his wife, Bonnie, he wanted AMERICAN MADE quality, which he really didn't find. He wanted to created something that would last well beyond his lifetime that his grand-kids could use and be proud of what he had built.  So, in building the GrainMaker he kept all of this in mind, and was careful choosing American Materials for the GrainMaker so in the end he could honestly look at it and know without a doubt he had created an heirloom quality product. A 100% real American product.  Does it cost more than some of it's counter parts? Yes, but it is also very comparable to other grain mills of 'similar' quality. GrainMaker is family owned so this is a personal item and we want everyone to love them as much as we do. Go ahead, compare. We will prove that we are built to last.

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